Join the top international students studying in the UK to prepare and work towards an outstanding UK Graduate Career in Professional Services, Investment Banking or another sector of your choice with this 1-year programme.

Our approach has helped over 1,000 clients in 8 years gain offers at the best companies in the world with our detailed step by step approach. Using a blend of cutting edge technology through our online platform and dedicated onsite and online coaching through our Coaching Team and over 70 industry mentors.

A clear 12-month curriculum clearly sets out a roadmap to a graduate offer, through an offering of specialised 1-1 mentoring sessions and classes to refine your communication and soft skills. As well as practical application of these skills using real-world exercises taken directly from top companies hiring processes. All supported by our online platform which means there are no limits on when and where you can study.


    Key Facts

    • Start Date: Applications accepted throughout the year (We suggest a minimum of 6 months is required prior to your Visa expiring) 
    • Application Deadline: Ongoing until spaces are filled
    • Duration: 12 months
    • Number of Places: 50
    • Minimum Entry Requirement: 2:1 Degree, additional testing may be required
    • English Language Requirements: Subject to an English Competency Telephone Interview
    • Location: Online, Bloomsbury Square, London
    • Availability: Open to UK/EU and Non-EU Graduates
    • Tuition Fee: POA*
    • *This Programme comes with a clear Guarantee of results and instructions needed to follow to achieve these results. As part of our Promise, if you are not successful in gaining a graduate offer covered within the companies applied with CIUK, we will reimburse 90% of these fees. For Terms and Condition please register for the Platform and read the T+C's within the Store.

    Programme Structure


    Career Interactive has coached international students since 2009 and we are proud to be one of the first companies to offer services in the UK of this nature.

    In 8 years our technology and unique curriculum have helped to coach over 1,000 students into over 100 top companies from Goldman Sachs to PwC, spanning the Professional Services, Investment Banking, Engineering, Technology, FMCG and Law industries.

    Our Curriculum has been specifically tailored to students whose second language is English. Ensuring we concentrate on improving a wide range of soft skills, especially communicating in a business context in English whether orally or written. This training is then reinforced by hands-on group work at our Assessment Centre Training, as well as access to a wide range of industry mentors through our online platform.

    Underpinning these resources and experience is our dedicated Coaching and Client Services team, including your personally assigned coach. As well as our cutting-edge online platform, meaning you can study anytime and anywhere and freely access all of our resources at your leisure.



    Introduction and Orientation

    All clients upon joining will attend a face to face session at our London office, to meet their personal coach. You will also be orientated on how to use your platform and be given a customised schedule and timetable based upon the existing time that you have free.

    CV Walkthrough 

    Get your CV reviewed in 1 hour in this bespoke 1-1 session via Skype. An in-house consultant will provide you valuable information about key skills and tailor your CV to the industries and roles which you wish to apply to. Your CV can then be attached in your application form to prospective employers.

    Business English Training

    Receive in-depth business English 1-1 coaching from a CIUK coach to understand how to effectively communicate throughout your application process. Gain a greater understanding of your role and types of questions you should expect and learn to speak about yourself with confidence.

    Application Form Review

    Fill in our up to date application forms which match the company you will be applying for. Access a library of sample answers and have your form reviewed and returned within 2 working days.

    Online Test Training

    Access a wide range of tests, answers and explanations in the following categories:

    • Numerical
    • Logical
    • Verbal
    • Personality
    • Situation Judgement
    • E-Tray
    • Critical Thinking

    Practise as many tests as you want and track your score across each type of test. Receive personal coaching as required for questions or tests you find particularly challenging.

    Interview Coaching

    Receive 1-1 Online coaching systematically working through the 32 most commonly asked competency questions. Improve your ability to communicate and gain a solid understanding of popular interview processes like STAR and Strength-Based Questions. During each session, a professional mentor will give you direct feedback on your answers and points to improve and receive written feedback after the session to refer to.

    Prepare completely for any upcoming interviews you have coming up.

    Technical Interview Coaching

    Speak to professional mentors with a minimum of 5 year's experience in your chosen industry. Gain an in depth understanding of your job role, industry and receive answers to any technical and competency questions you may have for your upcoming interview. Access our Memory Pool library to prepare for the latest questions being asked by your chosen company. Receive accurate oral feedback to know how to improve your technical and commercial awareness during these online sessions, as well as written feedback after each session.

    Prepare fully for any technical and commercial aspects of your upcoming interview with a professional mentor.

    Final Interview Coaching

    Speak to one of CIUK's senior consultants to help you prepare for your final interview. Access our Memory Pool library to accurately prepare for recent questions that have been asked, and receive an in-depth over view of all aspects of your language, personality and style to ensure you are well rounded and have a deep understanding of the role and industry you are applying for.

    Ensure you are fully prepared for the final interview to avoid disappointment.

    Progress Consultations

    Our dedicated coaching team are on hand Monday to Friday 9-5PM to provide you with help at the click of the button.

    Book Progress Consultations through your platform to speak to your Coach or a member of the Client Services, to answer any questions you may have about upcoming interview or assessments, discuss feedback you have been given, online tests you are finding difficult, or just practise a presentation or a difficult interview question you are struggling with.

    Assesment Centre

    Access our ground breaking onsite and online coaching services, delivered to clients across the world. Allowing you to practice a wide range of real materials with real candidates, assessed by professionals with comprehensive and detailed feedback across 4 levels of difficulty:

    • Introductory Assessment Centre
    • Standard Assessment Centre
    • Advanced Assessment Centre
    • Mock Assessment Centre

    Group Skills Training

    Work with our dedicated team of Professional Assessors who can put together custom skills sessions as is needed on topics such as:

    • Communication
    • Mock Interview Coaching
    • Presentations


    Access a great depth of resources to help you in your progress. Our Online Platform means you can work at your own pace and keep an eye on your progress

    Progress Checker and Dashboard

    At all times know where you are in your programme and what you need to do next. Review notes from Mentors and Assessors as well as tracking your Action Points. See your application deadlines and upcoming mentoring sessions and visually understand your next step wherever you are in the programme.

    Memory Pool

    Learn from the memories and experiences of our candidates to ensure you are as prepared as possible for upcoming interviews, assessment centres or final interviews. Save time by preparing only for what you need to.

    Knowhow Centre

    Whenever you want to train you can access all our resources here from job role videos, to handouts and documents of interest covering all industries


    Keep up to date with general business and commercial news, hand picked Monday to Friday by our coaching team. Allowing you breeze through commercial awareness questions whenever you come across them and build your business acumen for your upcoming assessment centres.

    Summer Internship

    In addition to our programme clients may also wish to engage in a 5-week Summer Internship with one of our network of businesses we work with across London.

    With intake from June-September immerse yourself in a real-world business environment and gain vital experience applying the skills you have learnt with us and during your University course as well as a valuable item for your CV.


    Learning with CIUK

    Our programme has been designed to test and refine your soft and technical skills in combination with your academic knowledge. You will be intensively reviewed at each stage of the process and your skills measured to ensure that you are improving and growing towards a mature young professional about to join the business elite.

    Our programmes have helped as the starting point for some of the most gifted international students in the UK to enter the world of business. You will be expected to follow our curriculum with a clear goal of finding a top job here in the UK.

    Our Technology enables us to monitor your day to day activities, backed by a rigorous system of teaching and assessment and our Client Services and Coaching Team

    Teaching and Assessment

    These Assessments and Monitoring are 3-Fold:

    Personal Coach: Upon joining you will be assigned a personal coach who has intimate knowledge of your background and requirements. They will over see and track your progress through initial assessments and regular phone calls. They are also on hand with the Client Services team to answer any questions you may have 9 AM – 5 PM, Monday to Friday.

    Mentors: You will engage with various Mentors across your 4-Levels of 1-1 Coaching. Every session delivered works to a set curriculum and you will receive written feedback for every session outlining items of improvement.

    Assessors: Our Group Onsite and Online Coaching Sessions are overseen by Professional Assessor both from our Coaching Team and external professionals brought in to teach specific Skills Sessions. Every session is graded, and you will receive written feedback to understand your strengths and weaknesses based upon the exercises you have engaged in.

    All feedback and notes are available to you through your Online Platform.


    We are committed to delivering the best learning experience and we can be contacted every day Monday to Friday 9 AM – 5 PM Monday to Friday (Please note our office do close for a 2-week period over the Christmas Break in December, the exact dates are given in October)

    We can be contacted by phone or email and individual members of staff can be asked to agree to meet through Skype or Face to Face.

    Also, our Training Centre in London is open to all our clients who wish to practise material or come and speak to our Assessors on days when training is in progress.


    Student Stories


    Eligibility Requirements

    Entry Requirements

    • 1:1 or 2:1 bachelor's degree or international equivalent in any discipline
    • English competency to a business standard or above assessed in a telephone interview
    • Optional additional testing based upon candidate’s initial review and results

    Successful applicants will receive a formal offer for the programme which cannot be modified thereafter.

    We consider all applications based upon academics, motivation and time available to complete the programme. We understand that some students may be in demanding courses but must be able to commit to at least 4-6 hours per week if they wish to see results.

    Each application is assessed based upon

    • CV
    • Academic Achievement
    • Academic Transcripts and Certificates provided
    • Assessment results

    When applying to programmes through our Online Dashboard a comprehensive list of documents which you need to provide will be given.

    You will also be expected to prove your existing Visa status with a copy of your Passport and BRP, so we can carry out an Initial Right to Work Check to show we are satisfied you would be eligible to work in the UK once you receive a formal job offer.

    When to apply

    Applications for this programme are considered on a rolling basis, meaning the programme will close once it becomes full. There is no fixed deadline by which you need to apply, however we encourage you to apply early to avoid disappointment.


    Fees and Funding

    All our clients are expected to pay a fee for their programme.

    Fees cover all training, material, resources, administrative costs, class and individual lessons and any extensions of these areas during the duration of your course for 12 months, from the date that we receive your payment.

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