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  • Q1 Why there is no company name listed in the vacancy page?

    The companies listed are only able to take on our programme candidates for the summer period. After you have joined the programme and indicated your preferences, more company details will become available in order for you to prepare for your interview(s).

  • Q2 How can you guarantee the internship position for me?

    This is a special agreement between CIUK and partnership companies who have signed up to this unique programme. Out of the 3 position preferences you specify, you will be guaranteed at least one offer, as long as it is still available (i.e. has not been taken by other candidates). In the case where none of the positions you specified is available any more, you will be firstly offered alternative positions. If you decide not to take them, we will refund you all the programme fee minus a £99 admin charge. Because we receive a large number of applications, we recommend you to apply to the programme as early as possible. For the latest information on the vacancies, please visit this page for vacancy updates regularly.

  • Q3 What is the programme application deadline for each intake?

    The CIUK Summer Internship Programme does not have a specific deadline however the positions are filled up on a 'first come, first serve basis'. In order to secure your place, we recommend you to apply as soon as possible because the interview process starts as soon as the applications are received.

  • Q4 I know that I can choose up to 3 preferences. What if later on I want to change any of them?

    Due to the volume of work involved, you are not allowed to amend your preferences after application. That is why we give you 3 preferences in the hope that at least you can secure one which suits you.

  • Q5 What happens if my plan changes and I have decided to quit the programme after an offer has been made to me? Will I be entitled to any refunds?

    If you quit the programme after an offer being made to you and that is before 31st March 2018, then we will refund 50% of the programme fee to you and full accommodation fee (if applicable); However if you quit the programme after an offer has been made to you due to your personal reasons after 31st March 2018, we will not be able to refund you any programme and accommodation fee due to the advanced accommodation booking and all the recruitment work carried out beforehand.

  • Q6 What happens if I want to quit the programme after started working as an intern?

    Once you have started working, we would like you to complete it and enjoy it. However if for your personal reason(s) that you have decided to quit the programme during the internship period, you will not be entitled to any refunds and the official programme completion certificate.

  • Q7 What happens to workplace misconduct/inappropriate behaviour?

    Once you have started your internship, you will be treated as part of the team. Professionalism is expected from you at all time. If you have had workplace misconduct/inappropriate behaviour, the employer can consider terminating your internship immediately and in such case, you will not be entitled to any programme refund fee and the official programme completion certificate.

  • Q8 Will I be hired as a full time employee in the same company after completing the internship?

    Although in some cases it is possible but generally speaking it is unlikely. Whether the employer wants to keep you for longer is entirely at the employer's discretion. You should not expect full time conversion in the company immediately after the internship.

  • Q9 What is the price for the Programme and Accommodation?

    For the price information, as well as the programme terms and conditions, please log into our Platform (www.careerinteractive.org) and click ‘Coaching Programmes" and search for CIUK Summer Internship Programme. For first time user of the Platform, you need to register first using a valid university email address.

  • Q10 Will I get paid during the internship?

    This programme is classified as voluntary internship therefore you will not be paid any wages/salaries as such, however your lunch and travel expenses should be covered by the employer (around £10/day). Please get in touch with us if this is not the case.

  • Q11 Do I need a national insurance number?

    No. Because the programme is classified as voluntary internship you do not need to have a national insurance number. However if you want to get one for future employment purposes, we can advise you about how to get one.

  • Q12 How many candidates you are taking on for this Programme?

    For each intake we are taking on between 10 and 20 candidates depending on the employers' business needs.

  • Q13 In the Programme it mentions Career Coaching/Training, what is it that all about?

    Being the UK's Leading Career Coaching Service Provider, we have added this special element in the internship which makes the programme unique. You will get training on CV/Cover Letter Writing, Aptitude Tests (Numerical, Verbal, Logical Test Training), Interview Skills Coaching as well as training on Assessment Centre (e.g. Group Discussion, Case Studies + Presentation etc). They are all conducted by our experienced coach from CIUK Team.

  • Q14 I am an international student and on a student visa, am I eligible to apply this programme?

    Yes you are. This programme is open to all students irrelevant to their nationalities and backgrounds.

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