// Solve 6 Common Job Hunting Problems Through CIUK's New Platform

How CIUK's New Platform Can Solve Your Job Hunting Problems

Let's face it. Being an international student in the UK is tough. You are out of your comfort zone and miles away from your loved ones. But we know that you made this major life decision so that you can thrive professionally. The job opportunities and benefits of working in the UK are unprecedented, as compared to the Asia Pacific region.

The current immigration climate in the UK is challenging and only 2% of international students are able to secure a Tier 2 visa and work in the UK after their studiesHaving spoken to over 50,000 students for the past 8 years, we know what job hunting problems international students like you commonly encounter. We have also helped over 1,000 international students into top graduate jobs, so we know exactly what you need to to do so that you can join the 2% that makes it.

The different parts of CIUK's new and improved platform can help you in every step of your job application process. The different features are:

  • CV Walk Through: An in-house mentor will edit your CV in this bespoke 1:1 session via phone/Skype and upload your edited CV on the platform
  • Application Forms: Submit your application forms and cover letters for review and they will be returned within 2 business days
  • Progress Consultation: A 1:1 session with a member of the coaching team to discuss your progression
  • Online tests: Practise numerical, verbal, situational judgement, E-tray and critical thinking tests, with answers and explanations
  • Level 1 (Business English for English Coaching): Lessons with a coach on how to effectively communicate in a business environment
  • Level 2 (Competency Coaching): Practise commonly asked competency questions
  • Level 3 (Technical and Commercial Awareness Training): Gives you an in-depth understanding of the job role and the key skills you need to succeed

  • Level 4 (Partner Interview Coaching): Individual coaching session with an experienced consultant to help you prepare for the final stage of your interview process
  • Assessment Centre: Book onsite or online coaching services that allow you to practise real material with professional assessors.
  • Knowhow Centre: Access documents regarding specific company and industry information
  • Memory Pool: Access memories of clients of their experiences in first round interviews, assessment centres and partner interviews.

Now, let's  identify your common problems in every stage of the application process and how our new platform can solve them:

1. "I Don't Know Which Job I Should Apply For"

Having spoken to over 50,000 international students we know that you will most likely have committed some common job hunting mistakes like applying too late, applying for jobs that don't sponsor and limiting your applications to a certain industry. A lot of students are also unaware that the Professional Services industry is the biggest Tier 2 sponsor. Investment Banking, Finance, Consulting and Law are also industries that sponsor. 

You need to apply for graduate schemes in these companies within these industries because it usually takes 4 months to process your visa before your start date. To get hired in these industries, all you need is a 2:1 and a good level of Business English. 


Through CIUK's New Platform you can:

  • Take our custom made questionnaire to identify the best roles for you.
  • Check our daily updated vacancy list
  • Speak to your personal coach to customise your job application timeline
  • Begin your 1:1 Coaching with Level 1 Business English, to begin your preparation and improve fluency
  • Access the Knowhow Centre for more details about industries, companies and roles.

2. "I Don't Know How What To Write In My CV, Cover Letter And Application Forms"

Making a generic and templated CV and Cover Letter for all your job applications is the biggest mistake that you could make at this point. It is important to tailor your CV and Cover Letters for the company you are applying to. The same goes for open questions in application forms. Every form is different so it can be hard to standardise answers as they all need to be customised. We know many students struggle with their written English, but a lot of this comes down to positioning yourself for the right job, and knowing enough about the role and the company.


Through CIUK's New and Improved Platform, you can:

  • Upload your CV and book a CV Review to speak to an in-house consultant for 1 hour via phone or Skype to modify your CV which is then there on your platform to use in all your applications
  • Access Cover Letter templates taken from top companies through our Knowhow Centre
  • Upload your Cover Letter into the platform and have it proofed by an experienced Copywriter within 2 working days
  • Fill out Application Forms from actual companies on our platform and submit for review, as well as accessing 100's of sample answers taken from previous clients
  • Receive your edited form back within 2 working days and copy it onto your chosen company's application system

3. "I Struggle With Online Tests And End Up Failing"

The whole point of online tests is to reveal who you are and whether your personality and skills match the job description. Though major forms of online tests are not the same as those you took at school, the secret of acing any test is the same: practice, practice and practice! Most students will have the ability to pass the tests but will fail due to lack of practise or not being able to deal with tests in a time sensitive environment.


Through CIUK's New and Improved Platform, you can:

  • Practise over 100 tests at your leisure
  • Get timed real life SJT, Verbal, Numerical, Logical and Personality Tests with answers and explanations
  • If you're stuck, you can book an appointment with a consultant to explain where you are going wrong over the phone

4. "I Don't Know How To Answer Interview Questions"

If English is not your first language, it will be difficult to express yourself in an interview. A common mistake that most international students make is writing down answers and reading them, or memorising answers for a first face-to-face interview. This will appear superficial and sound monotonous, decreasing your chances of employment. Making lengthy answers and not understanding the unique selling points of the company can also put you at a disadvantage. Also most students will have a passable level of fluency but struggle to think on their feet.


Through CIUK's New and Improved Platform, you can:

  • Access hundreds of memories of past clients' interviews with your chosen company through the memory pool
  • Download a technical document, with specific information tailored to your chosen company, role and question list
  • Book a Level 2 session to practise the 32 most asked Competency Questions
  • Book a Level 3 Mock Interview session with one of over 70 mentors, each with at least 5 years of experience in their industry,
  • Practise with custom written documents specific to the company and role you are applying to, and even access Memories of previous interviews from former clients (package specific)

5. "I Have Never Been To An Assessment Centre And I Don't Know What To Expect"

A lot of graduate applicants get intimidated by the Assessment Centre stage. Understandably so. There you will be herded into corporate meeting rooms with strangers and expected to finish multiple tasks under strict time limits.There are also multiple activities such as interviews, presentations and group work within an assessment centre. They vary depending on the company. It takes about 3-4 practice assessment sessions to be comfortable with the exercises, and around 10 sessions in order to be fully prepared.


Through CIUK's New and Improved Platform, you can:

  • Book an online or onsite practice session at our new Bloomsbury office with different materials and assessors every week
  • Choose from 4 levels of Assessment Centre: Introductory, Standard, Advanced or Mock
  • Practise real life company material and receive feedback from our in-house assessors
  • Walk through all types of exercises you can expect in a real life Assessment Centre: Group Discussion, Written Exercise, Role Play, Presentation of In Tray
  • Access memories of previous candidates from the memory pool.

6. "I Don't Know How To Prepare For A Partner Interview"

International students such as yourself struggle to understand how a final interview will be different from a 1st round interview. The lack of experience in speaking to people in senior management positions and lack of confidence lead many students to fail. 


Through CIUK's New and Improved Platform you can:

  • Book a Level 4 Face to Face Partner Interview with a Senior Coach
  • Access memories of previous final interviewees to prepare for possible questions through our memory pool
  • Receive tailored personal feedback to know exactly how to improve

In a nutshell, getting a job in the UK is ultimately possible, as long as you identify your problems and solve them beforehand. A lot of international students take the plunge and do it on their own, however the chances of success are higher with expert guidance. CIUK's new and improved platform is the key to helping you in every step of the way. Your dream job can be yours soon. Start your journey towards success here. 

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