// How to get a Graduate Job in the UK with a Tier 2 Sponsorship

Moving to the UK to pursue a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree is a major life decision. As an international student, you have made the courageous move to leave your comfort zone to pursue your dreams. You’ve come this far, so what’s next?

Finding a job is next in line. But before searching for jobs, you need to know:

Give me Access to Visa and Job Updates

The most important step to take is preparing and familiarising yourself with the 6 steps in the UK job application process, namely:

  1. Positioning and Preparation

  2. CV, Cover Letter and Application Form Submission

  3. Online Tests

  4. First Round Interview

  5. Assessment Centre

  6. Partner Interview

Watch this video to understand each step more!

Now that you know what steps are involved, how can you guarantee success in landing a Tier 2 job? 

Having spoken to over 50,000 students for the past 8 years, we know that a lot of international students fail in their applications because they are unprepared, unfamiliar of the process and are not fluent in English.

You don’t have to do it alone. CIUK has helped over 1,000 international students into top graduate jobs, so we can give you expert guidance and help you become part of the 2% of international students that make it.

Give me Expert Guidance

Our new and improved platform mirrors the 6 Steps of the application process and through it, you can access the following features:

1. Positioning and Preparation: Take the survey from our platform and get matched to the roles with the highest chances of success for you. 

2. CV, Cover Letter and Application Form Submission: Have all your documents proofread and receive feedback from a mentor before sending them to the companies you’re applying for. 

3. Online Tests: You’ll get better and faster at answering numerical, verbal and logical tests after understanding the explanations behind through practice runs on our platform. 


4. First Round Interview: You’ll get to practise on Skype or phone with industry mentors so that you’ll know what to expect and what to answer during your actual interview. 

5. Assessment Centre: Familiarise yourself with Assessment Centre activities like Group Discussions, Case Studies and Writing Exercises through the Mock Assessment Centre sessions we conduct online or onsite in our London office. 

6. Partner Interview: Receive Face-to-Face training from industry experts, access all the company and industry resources through our Knowhow Centre and access memories from previous clients who have experienced the same interview through our Memory Pool.

Finding a graduate job in the UK is challenging, but with the right information, proper guidance and access to resources, you can become part of the 2% that makes it. 

Start a new chapter in your life.

Get the job you deserve now!

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