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What is your goal in life? If you think that the UK is the ideal place for you to get the training, exposure and skills you need to succeed in your career, you are right. 

But where do you even begin? When, where and how can you find these companies that can sponsor your Tier 2 visa? Currently, there is an information gap and most international students don’t know that:

  • For big companies, you must apply a year before the start of intake, not after you graduate
  • The UK Home Office has a list of more than 29,000 companies licensed to sponsor Tier 2 visas
  • Not all companies in the list are actively sponsoring and hiring
  • You need to make sure that the vacancies you’re applying for are in companies licensed to sponsor

Let GradVault be your ally by:

  • Saving you time in looking for jobs via the filterable Tier 2 list and live Tier 2 vacancies
  • Giving you valuable information through the Company Information Sheets
  • Providing the best business intelligence for Tier 2 companies, industry standards, UK application and hiring processes and visa updates through the Resources
  • Enabling your application to stand out through the CV Generator

GradVault is supported by the Career Interactive team, who have helped over 1,000 international students into top graduate jobs for the past 10 years. Through Career Interactive's support, GradVault has combined technology and research to match international students to the best graduate careers in the UK.

How it works

GradVault is designed to match international students to the best graduate careers in the UK. The main features are as follows:

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Tier 2 Sponsorship List

With a basic GradVault account, you can filter the Tier 2 list by location and search for companies, effectively saving you time and energy. If you go Premium, the list will be filterable by industry and sponsorship status.

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GradVault has a section dedicated just for Visa Guides, Application Guides and Industry Reports in the form of videos, infographics and documents.

On a Premium account, you can unlock access to all resources, including a Top 30 List of Biggest Tier 2 Sponsors. 

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Automatic CV Generator

GradVault also has a My CV section, where you can automatically generate a CV, save different versions of your CV to tailor them to the different companies you're applying for and get tips so that you can produce a killer CV.

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Premium: Weekly Report

Our Weekly Report will indicate the number of new Tier 2 companies added to the list, Tier 2 companies removed and which companies have vacancies. It will also contain news articles to help increase your commercial knowledge in job interviews and helpful resources.

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Premium: Tier 2 Vacancies

 We research the latest Tier 2 vacancies by going through the new companies added to the Tier 2 list and getting in touch with small and medium companies that are licensed to sponsor to determine their sponsorship status. Applying to these vacancies will increase your chances of success.

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Premium: Company Information Sheets

We have researched key information that you need to know about the company you wish to apply for. Familiarising yourself with your company of choice will greatly help you during your interview with them, and will be a vital part of your success.

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Invest in yourself and get the best chance possible of finding a job in the UK through GradVault!

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