Career Interactive Ltd (referred to subsequently as the "The Company") is a career coaching company, offering advice, consultation and training services to people seeking employment in the financial, professional service, law, FMCG and engineering industry. The Company owns and controls the www.careerinteractive.org website (referred to subsequently as “the website”).

The Company strives to provide customers with best professional services and provision of all the advice or consultation facilities listed on the website. The Company undertakes to provide the services it advertises while maintaining confidentiality.

However, the Company cannot guarantee that as a consequence of this consultation, advice or training services provided, our customers will be successful in receiving an interview call, passing any aptitude tests or securing a job offer or an employment from any company. Nor does the Company accept any liability for any rejections of, or delays to, customer’s job application submissions at any stage. The Company aims to provide the market leading information and career coaching services and is commercially independent and has absolutely no influence over the recruitment process of any companies.

The Company’s training programs and training materials are designed to help customers familiarize themselves with an actual application process. We endeavor to keep these programs and materials updated. However, customers are advised not to assume that any training and materials received from the Company will be exactly, or partially, the same as those they experience during the actual interview or assessment procedure.

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