// Accelerating your career in the UK - Career Development Insight Session with leaders from top IB and Consulting firms

Top Investment Banking and Consulting Firm Leaders Career Development Training Session

As you climb the first step of your career ladder, how do you excel in your first job? How do you accelerate your professional career to a new height? What are the possibilities of a career switch to investment banking or consulting? Should you consider an MBA? This is a rare opportunity to gain first hand insights and advice from two seasoned industry professionals from top investment banks and consultancy.

Event Date:

Thursday, 23rd September 2021

Event Time:

19:00 BST


1.5 hours


Microsoft Teams

Key topics:

  • How to excel in your current job as a professional? (20 minutes)
  • Stepping into the consulting industry (20 minutes)
  • A successful career in Investment Banking (20 minutes)
  • Should you do an MBA? (10 minutes)
  • Q&A (20 minutes)

Ticket Price: GBP 49.99

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Guest Speakers/Mentors background:

Monica L

A senior director, with 10+ years experience in a front office division at a top investment bank. She is widely recognized as one of the female leaders in the City, celebrating her work in empowering minorities and women in financial services. A thought leader on cross culture leadership, she drives dialogues on diversity with C-suites clients,  as well as on training for junior professionals from a business perspective. A strong advocate on career development, she has helped many young professionals over the years to develop winning career strategies that transitioned them to future leaders of the business. As a very experienced career coach, her approach is personal, open, holistic, extremely practical and result driven, while deeply rooted in science and research

Cornelius K

15 years of professional experience in consulting. He joined McKinsey after university as a business analyst in the London office, where he was the only BA from China. With a full scholarship, he later obtained an MBA from London Business School, where he was honoured on the Dean's List. He has extensive experience and deep understanding of the different working cultures across Europe, Middle East and Asia. Recognised as one of the Inspirational People Leaders at McKinsey, he has been a member of the performance review committee in the office, whilst a Development Group Leader for junior colleagues, mentoring and coaching them on their career development. A passionate supporter of young talents, he led McKinsey's global MBA recruiting from the UK, and has been a final-round interviewer and case coach for 8 years

Maximum number of attendees: 30 

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