// What is An Investment Bank and How Do You Get In?

Different from the bank you go from time to time, Investment Banks are large enterprises that serve the needs of a wide variety of clients, ranging from corporates that listed and unlisted, to institutions such as insurance companies, pension and PE (Private Equity) funds, to charities and governments. The services provided by IB can be:

  • Corporate finance advisory that covers Merge and Acquisition advisory and finance underwriting.
  • Banking service for corporates and governments.
  • Investment Management services.
  • Securities trading.
  • Treasury services.

Investment Banking, with its rewarding roles, always attracts numerous ambitious talented students and experienced talents to get in. With the help from very structured and professional early Career Development talents recruit design, IB allows undergraduates or even A-Level students to find out their career interests and then develop a thorough and promising banking career. The everchanging financial world with increasing emphasizes on technology brings much more challenges to traditional Investment Banks. However, it never discourages a young talent to start their career from the industry. It is always the most challenging competition on getting into Investment Banks.

How To Start Your IB Career?

First, since it is a very competitive industry, having an internship experience would surely be helpful, Spring Weeks, Insight Days and Summer Internships are the most welcomed traditional early Career Programmes. You could even secure a full-time position or a fast track graduate role application if your internship performance is impressive.

Spring Weeks are designed for fresh year undergraduates, and of course, if you confirm your interest to a further area of the IB, then you could try with their summer internships. 

Graduate Scheme
What if I’m doing a master degree? What if I am already on my final year but with no IB work experience before? You might ask. Many investment banking companies provide graduate scheme (including the prestigious Investment Banks, such as Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan). It offers the best opportunity for a graduate to enter into the Investment Banking Industry.

Apart from prestigious firms such as Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan, there are many more other Investment Banks that you could consider with, if you have an interest in this field in the UK.

  • UBS
    It stands for Union Bank of Switzerland, specialised in the technology sector and is famous for keeping the information of their clients confidential.

  • BNP Paribas
    It is the largest bank in France and one of the top 10 banks in the world. It is a leading bank in international banking and has a history over two centuries.

  • Barclays Investment Bank
    Barclays is the oldest bank in the UK. It acquired Lehman Brothers in 2009 and became more influential. It mostly provides a comprehensive strategy for large corporate and government.

  • Deutsche Bank
    One of the largest investment banking companies in the world and the leading company in the foreign exchange market.

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