// University - More Than Just a Degree?

With employers all around the world craving a well-rounded, dynamic individual, it’s no wonder that most university students seem to throw themselves into a world of extracurricular activities such as societies, sports teams or events, in an effort to stand out amongst the vast sea of talented individuals, who on average end up with an almost identical university degree.

While your degree type and class show your capability as an individual to learn and absorb information, on its own it’s one of the thousands that get awarded to students every year for completing a nearly identical course. At its core a university degree is designed to not just teach about your chosen field, but to subject you through a rigorous learning process that develops your mental stamina and ability to work under high-pressure situations; similar to that of a senior level job within a large scale corporate firm. However, if this is true and everyone is effectively getting the same kind of learning opportunity, then what else is there at the university that you can prove you’re different?

Entrepreneurship is constantly a “hot” topic these days with nearly every political party agreeing on the perceived benefit of start-ups for the UK economy. A lot of university students are trying to avoid the conventional corporate-job route and pursue the more extraordinary path of starting a business. You’ll see on average that amongst most of your course mates there will be the few who are constantly on the verge of finding venture capitalists to fund their start-up. However, an anomaly to this are those with the desire to start their own firm but feel that an initial taster of the corporate world would help them better structure their thought flow and organizational behavior when they actually to go forward with their idea.

However, this doesn’t mean that if you’re lacking the entrepreneurial spirit there’s nothing else to do. With technology becoming ever more prominent amongst banking and consulting firms, nearly everyone is choosing to learn at the very least, the basics of coding, which could give them an edge when it comes to employability. To learn to code takes time though, and while more often than not, it may guarantee you a job within the IT division of your favorite firm, it is an intricate and time-consuming skill to learn. Not that it’s without its uses though; coding can gift you with an amazing opportunity to create something completely different. Its applications are limitless when used effectively.

This isn’t to say that everything else you take part in at university doesn’t have its merits. Any event you organize or society you choose to work for showcases your ability to manage multiple responsibilities, whilst maintaining a respectable grade all throughout the university. Sports teams are a great plus, helping promote proper teamwork and social capabilities as you grow both as an individual and as a group. This extra edge makes you stand out amongst the herd of students graduating alongside you.

There is so much you can do at a university that extends far beyond what your actual course may entail. You get a chance to meet new and interesting people that you wouldn’t have had the chance to, had it not been for a mutual interest. You build networks and begin to see things from a different perspective, which broadens your scope as an individual to look beyond “common” problems, and at the end goal ahead. University is meant for you to push yourself to the very limit and your degree can only form a part of that.  


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