// UK PSW Confirmed, What Is Next for International Students?

Calling all 2021 internationals in the UK!

The Post-Study Work Visa, known for PSW has been confirmed by the UK government, which will be carried out in June 2021. It will allow international students who have successfully completed a course of study in any subject at undergraduate level or above at an approved UK Higher Education Provider to work or look for work in any career or position of their choice, for 2 years after completing their courses.

Does “having a PSW” means you are going to have 2 years to look for a Tier 2 position after your graduation?

Does that mean you only have to start looking for job after you graduate?

The policy of PSW have encouraged many overseas students to pursue a degree in the UK but at the same time the number of vacancies remain nearly the same. In other words, it is becoming even more competitive.

Job hunting in a foreign country is never an easy task, one thing you have to bear in mind is that you have to, and we mean HAVE TO spend more time and effort than a native to be chosen. If you are looking for a long-terms career in the UK, as an international student, you might not have the same understanding of the UK industry and the application process as others do and you need someone to guide you through it. Getting a job interview is not the first step, how to get an interview is, and for that you need a PLAN.

So…what is your plan? If you haven’t got one, here’s a suggestion

MyPSW Coaching Programme

Specifically designed for full-time international students in their second year, final year, Master’s or recent graduate who are eligible to apply for Post-Study Work Visa.

The Standard Programme includes:

  • One-to-one professional career consultation;
  • Professional CV and cover letter review and editing;
  • Professional template and sample of CV and cover letter;
  • Aptitude Test Training;
  • Access to mock interview questions, which are written by candidates who have been to the real interview;
  • Access to the support content of every stage of job applications
    (The content is updated constantly to deliver the best content to your personal needs)

For those who want to proficient their presentation more, try our Advanced Programme, which includes:

  • The services of the standard programme
  • Live one-to-one business English sessions
  • Live one-to-one competency interview sessions
  • Assessment centre introductory level classes

For more details of the programmes and price, register our MyPSW platform now!

Want a PSW job? Book a 1v1 FREE consultation with us today and learn more about MyPSW Coaching Programmes.


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