// The UK Council for International Student Affairs Release their Latest Statistics

The latest set of statistics for international students has been revealed for the 2013 - 2014 period.

There has been a slight increase of three percent of overseas young adults coming here to study with the total number at 435,500.

China (87,895), India (19,750) and Nigeria (18,020) are the countries with the biggest number of students in the U.K at present time.

England (355,580), Scotland (48,360) and Wales (25,610) lead the tables for the amount of students in these parts of the country. London (102,965), South East England (48,670) and the West Midlands (36,135) are the most popular in England. 

The increase in popularity can be put down to some of the massive benefits that can be taken advantage of when studying in the U.K. 

The U.K is home to four of the top six universities in the world and the education standards in schools and colleges across the board is exceptional. Additionally the United Kingdom ranks second for university and industry collaboration.

There are very strict standards set by governing bodies for education centers to make sure the best quality of teaching is available.

You will benefit from being given the chance to gain new skills and knowledge. You will also have the full support from the teaching staff to get the best out your education while you are studying here. Studying in the U.K is also recognized worldwide by employers.

Courses in the U.K are generally shorter than in other parts of the world. This would benefit you as your accommodation and tuition fees will be slightly less expensive.

You may be able to work as well as study whilst you are here, it would be wise to check out the UKVI website for more information on Immigration and Visas.

There are many things you can do in your spare time away from your studies as the United Kingdom is a very popular and historical place. With very lively cities such as London, Birmingham and Manchester there will be no shortage of places to visit, relax and enjoy yourself.

There are many sporting events, concerts and festivals all year round and a very wide range of different food available to suit all cultures.

For the full table of statistics you can visit the UKCISA website and for updates on our career fairs you can visit our Twitter feed at https://twitter.com/CareerInter


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