// Top Tips for Students Looking to Gain Work Experience in the UK

Britain is the third largest economy in Europe, providing job opportunities to millions of people. With a wide range of industries and job prospects within the UK, there is a massive opening to all nationalities seeking to gain employment.

Some of the vibrant cities such as London, Birmingham and Manchester are great places to live, work and build a long lasting career. The U.K truly is a fantastic place to start.

Work experience and volunteering are both great options to begin with. Not only will you gain new skills you will also be able to sharpen your English vocabulary (if required) through communicating with local people on a daily basis. Alternative options include Internships, they provide an excellent way to learn, and build experience. Internships are fantastic to put on your C.V and may well provide a full time career at the completion of it.

The job market in England is highly competitive within skilled occupations therefore having the right guidance will prove invaluable. Coming to a new country to study or find work is daunting, therefore it would be a great benefit to have support and guidance available to you and increase your opportunities.

As a guide, some of the best careers to pursue in the U.K are law, in the financial sector and engineering. Marketing and PR are also great options.

At Career Interactive we offer a unique online platform for international students that are hoping to start their career in the UK. We can help from the initial stages of writing your C.V, providing support, training and guidance at interview stages, right through to gaining your first full time job. We can also give you work experience ideas and help you gain placements through our extensive contacts.

Our experience and knowledge will provide you with everything you need to know. For more information on careers in the U.K and to find out how you can be coached from beginning to end via our online platform please visit http://www.careerinteractive.org/ or our Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CareerInteractiveLtd and Twitter pages https://twitter.com/CareerInter .


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