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If securing a top Tier 2 job is your end goal, then the ability to ace different kinds of online tests is essential. Times Top 100 companies, including Professional Services firms and leading Investment Banks, include this in their job application process. Being an expert in acing online tests does not happen overnight. The only way to make it happen is to practise consistently.Let us discuss some tricks that will help you succeed in passing these tests:

1. Numerical Tests

Numerical reasoning tests are conducted to determine your capability to analyse tables, charts and figures to arrive at the correct answer. It's a misconception that numerical tests are aimed at gauging your mathematical prowess. Although it is necessary to have basic knowledge in mathematics, the reasoning aspect of the information that is being evaluated.

How will you succeed?

  • Familiarise yourself with basic mathematics such as arithmetic, percentages, ratios and fractions.
  • Learn to know how to use your calculator and be familiar with all the key functions so that you can solve problems more quickly and efficiently.
  • Practise as many tests as you can!

2. Verbal Reasoning Tests

Verbal Reasoning is a type of Psychometric Test, which aims to measure an individual's suitability to the role and potential to be part of the company. There are different kinds of verbal tests. The first type involves completing sentences and making analogies. The purpose of which is to gauge whether you are fluent enough to use the English language in the workplace. More difficult verbal reasoning tests involve reading passages and answering questions about it afterwards. This is designed to assess your reading comprehension and information retention skills.

How will you succeed?

  • Read the passage once, taking into consideration the main ideas of every paragraph. You do not need to memorise them. You only need to have a thorough understanding of the topic.
  • Do not spend too much time reading it. Read once and browse quickly while answering questions.
  • It would help to have a good vocabulary, which you can develop by reading novels, magazines or the news during your spare time. This will enable you to be proficient in cracking context clues, enabling you to read faster and understand the passage better.

3. Logical Reasoning Tests

A logical reasoning test is another form of Psychometric Testing that is used to assess your analytical and nonverbal skills. The easier questions are usually at the start of the test, which becomes more difficult as you progress. Every question includes a group of images. You would need to identify the logical rules and patterns that define a series of shapes and select the correct answer. 

How will you succeed? 

  • Logical reasons are timed. Try to spend just 30 seconds per question and if you don't know the answer, just go with your gut and move on.
  • You must be familiar with its ins and outs, whether it be figuring out what the missing shape is in the series, what the next shape is or which one does not belong to the sequence. 

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