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Happy New Year! You may enjoy your winner holiday with your family now. Do you have the habit of creating a list of goals you want to achieve? I believe getting a dream job must be on that list! 

Many big companies such as Investment Banks, MBB, Big Four, and some technology firms  have finished their recruitments for 2021. Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Citigroup started their recruitment in early July. Thus, many students may think that recruitment is over, but it is not true. However, due to the special circumstances this year, many companies have delayed their recruitment process. 

With the launch of vaccines and the recovery of the economy, many companies are expected to have a large number of talent shortages in their recruitment. However, due to the special circumstances, the UK job market is even more competitive than usual and many vacant positions get hundreds of applicants so it is important to stand out from the crowd and be noticed.

Now, there are some things that you could do to give yourself the very best chance of success and secure the job role of your dreams.

Here are some tips and tricks to get you thinking and preparing the right way!

1. Keep an eye on job vacancies.

Based on our past experiences, it is recommended that students with job hunting intentions follow the companies’ official website from December to obtain the latest job vacancies information. We will update the latest UK job vacancy information for the first time, so register on our platform is also a great choice!

2. Ask for quality, not quantity. 

It is important to think of the future and what direction you want to go regarding your career path. There are over 25,000 companies which sponsor Tier 2 visa in the UK. Try not to use a scatter slot approach, which means applying for any job, anywhere, whatever the role or location. 

Before submitting your resume, you must think of the most suitable job for yourself. Remember your CV and Cover Letter should be tailored individually to each job, and add the key skills that you think are relevant to the role. If a resume is invested in many companies, there is a high probability that it won’t pass the initial screening.

3. Be fully prepared

Being prepared is the key to achieving success. You should go over your CV and make sure everything is formatted correctly and add your education, relevant work experience, and any extra activities that you enjoy away from your studies. No matter whether it’s an online test or an on-site interview, you must be fully prepared! You can find a lot of practice questions on the Internet. Doing mock interviews with your friends is also a great idea to help you prepare for you real interviews!

4. Understand the role and industry you apply for. 

We could always hear a lot of "complaints" from friends or schoolmates regarding their applications: ”I didn't prepare well for my applications. I just apply wherever and whatever I can", "Next time I will definitely be fully-prepared and do my research, in order to get the best chance of getting my dream job". 

The opportunity is only reserved for those who are prepared! As we mentioned above, it is important to tailor your CV and Cover Letter based on each company. Thus, you need to research the company that you are applying to in real depth and know their history products, and services. Then, you should improve your commercial awareness and keep up to date with all the current Business news. You can research a company by creating a Google alert so you can get all of the latest information delivered to your inbox. It is also advisable to read the company’s annual financial and quarterly reports. By fully preparing you will be confident in what you are talking about and this will help your audience have confidence in you.

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