// A Quick Guide to Writing your CV

Writing a top class C.V is a challenge especially if it is your first time. This can be one of the toughest parts of the job hunting process so it is important to get it right. Also this is your first contact in many cases with your employer.

A C.V can be scanned pretty quickly (10 seconds or less!) by an employer as they may receive hundreds of applications.  A good amount of time should be spent writing it as it will determine whether you will get an interview or not, so it will be well worth the effort and time well spent.

There is no set way to write a C.V but as a rough guide try to limit it to two A4 size pages. You do not need a huge amount of information to get your point across. You will be able to go into more detail later on if you are invited to an interview.

Each C.V should be customized to suit the job that you are applying for. Of course you will have some standard information that will need to appear all of the time, but try to tailor some parts to sell yourself and show why you should be considered for the job. Aim to stand out and give the employer is looking for! 

Read the job description carefully and make a note of what you can do to match the requirements of the employer and add them to the appropriate part of the C.V.

Things that you must include will be a cover letter, personal contact details, education details and employment history. You may wish to include your hobbies, personal interests and some achievements that you have accomplished outside of study or work time.

If you have worked before it would be an additional benefit to get some references from your former employer with their contact details attached.

Make sure that your C.V is updated with any new information that you have, for instance you may wish to include any volunteer work that has recently been completed. Also be sure to tailor your CV to different roles and companies, to suit their needs.

Finally if you are printing and posting a C.V instead of an email, make sure it is printed clearly and cleanly with no smudges of ink. Staple the paper together in the top left corner and do not fold the document. You can also use an A4 sized envelope with a hard back to avoid crumpling in the post.


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