// Power Dressing 101

How can you dress for success?

Job interviews can be intimidating, but when you know that you have done your homework and have prepared for anything. Then, there is no reason to panic. Confidence is the key. So how do you pull off a corporate savvy-look?

1.Keep it simple and classy.

Say hello to your new best friend- the collared button down. 

Go for several pieces in black, white, gray and navy blue. Avoid prints and loud colors. For the ladies, cop a Victoria Beckham look by pairing your button down with a mid-length pencil skirt, black tights and leather shoes with two-inch heels. Combining it with a dark-coloured tie, belt, slacks and black leather shoes will make any lad more dashing.

2. Suit up.

Invest in a tailored suit. Having a bespoke suit done could be on the expensive side, but it is well worth it. Alternatively, you may purchase a suit and have the measurements adjusted to your size. Nothing looks more professional than a well-fitted blazer. It also gives the impression of putting effort into presenting yourself well, which of course, is something that appeals to your potential employers.

3. Be crisp and clean.

Less is always more. Chandelier earrings and flashy watches are a no-no. When it comes to make-up, stick to an elegant look. Groomed brows, face powder, a little blush on in light pink or peachy tones and nude lipstick would do the trick. Avoid lipstick shades that are too dark, light, metallic or shiny. It is best to skip eyeliner as well. Pulling your hair back on a ponytail or blow-drying your hair are both good options. Clean shaven men with hair neatly slicked back also look more put-together. Wearing the right amount of perfume is also a good practice.

You are what you wear. How you present yourself becomes your personal brand. The goal is to make a good impression and create an air of professionalism that reflects the image of the company you are applying for. Following these power dressing tips and looking the part could take you  http://platform.careerinteractive.org/one step closer to securing your dream job.


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