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It is indisputable that technology has taken over our lives in the twenty-first century. Everything revolves around the internet and it is almost impossible to exist in the working sphere without a device that connects to it. Studies have shown that seven in ten people in the UK own and use a smartphone. For students, smartphones are incredibly useful for day-to-day communication but it is easy to get lost among the many applications that are available to smartphone users. There are, however, many gadgets that can be useful to your studies and can make university life easier.

1)  Revision and Exam Prep Apps

Preparing for exams can be an extremely stressful and confusing time. In order to monitor your progress and keep track of your studies, it is recommended to download a few of these applications. EverNote Peek (exclusive to iPads) and ExamTime (web-based) both provide a great way to utilise revision notes in the forms of quizzes, revision charts, mind maps and flash cards. All shown in a fun and colourful program, attempting the impossible: to make revision bearable. For flash card enthusiasts, StudyBlue is the best choice. This student app uses your course information and presents a selection of flash cards while also enabling you to make your own cards. Finally, Exam Countdown helps with keeping track of the times of your exams and provides a great aid for planning revision.

2) Student Planner Apps

Being organized is probably one of the greatest challenges of university life. In the sea of deadlines, assessments, exams and society activities, it is easy to lose track of time. Fortunately, there are many great applications which can help you to maintain a healthy and proactive university life. These apps do not only save paper but also send regular alarms and reminders to make sure you do not miss out on anything. Timetable, My Class Schedule and Class Timetable provide a surface to which students can insert their classes and other engagements with ease. To keep track of spending and shopping, AnyList gives a great platform on which you can plan your shopping and share it with other devices, for example with your flatmates. Mint.com makes sure that you always know how much money you have spent and where you stand within your budget. It also breaks it down into categories – such as food, university expenses, rent – and gives you alerts if you are over the limit.

3) Bibliography and Referencing Apps

Every student knows that writing an essay comes with the torture of bibliography and referencing. Thankfully, there are two extremely useful applications which ensure that it is done the right way and even makes the process more enjoyable. RefMe and EasyBib both create academic references for any book by simply scanning the barcode. As bibliography and referencing styles vary from subject to subject, both applications offer referencing in MLA, APA, Harvard and Chicago styles. Simply scan the barcode or type the title and author into the apps’ search engines, and the correct referencing and bibliography will appear on your screen.  

Using technology and smartphones for studying can definitely enhance and help the process. With the aid of these apps, the monotony of revision, referencing and keeping track can become more bearable, and even, enjoyable.


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