// The Interview Question: Tell Me About Yourself

“So, first, tell me about yourself.”
This is usually how many interviews start and many people will panic when being asked the question.

You think to yourself,
“ I’ve prepared so many questions and professional knowledge about the position and the company, now you are asking about ME?”
After a scream inside, you go
“Well…I like watching movies, listening to music…”
Then, you could feel the interviewer start losing interest in you and it all goes down from there.

Why? Because that is not what they are asking.

When answering a question in an interview always think about the reason behind that question. In this case, the employers might seem to be asking you to talk about yourself but what they really want to know is “What can you bring to the company?”

Here’s the key to that question:
introduce yourself by linking your background to the position that you are applying for. Most importantly, show your ability.

For instance, if you are applying for a role related to marketing, you can first talk about how you have been studying marketing in the past, the fulfilment you got from your previous experience related to marketing. Lastly, talk about what you have accomplished and how you’d like to achieve more in the company that you are applying for.

Interview could be intimidating, but with the right help you shall excel it!

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