// The Importance of Gaining Work Experience Placements in England

Work experience placements are an excellent opportunity for overseas students to gain extra skills which cannot be learnt in a classroom.

There are numerous benefits to taking up a placement position within the U.K and we will list some of the most important ones in this article.

A work placement provides a great opportunity to build relationships and obtain new skills as well as an opportunity to make real progress towards a career within your chosen industry.

Although the majority of students have chosen their desired career path, working in a real world environment will confirm to you whether your preferred industry is the correct route. Being surrounded by your peers within your chosen field will enable you to ask questions and gain more hands on knowledge. Performing well in this role will improve the chance of getting a full time position within the company or at least a great reference for your C.V.

Degrees and other qualifications are fantastic, however to help your C.V stand out, real experience gives you a significant advantage when applying for a job. Employers are looking for practical as well as academic skills, therefore it’s a great benefit to get work experience at the first available opportunity. With the majority of skills being transferable, any experience will be advantageous.

Sandwich courses enable students to work and study, this is a popular option for those wishing to gain knowledge, whilst obtaining their qualifications. The duration of these Sandwich placements can last up to one year.

Please note that work experience can be unpaid but most employers will cover travel and subsistence costs i.e lunch, which they have to do by law.

A career’s adviser at your University will be able to point you in the right direction. Work experience fairs are also a great way to find employers and speak to them, ask questions and gain more information.

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