// How to Stay Motivated While Looking for a Job

Hunting for a job can be rather dragging and exhausting, thus for some, it is hard to stay motivated. We at CIUK believe that motivation is one of the most important factors so we put together a help sheet for you. Good luck!

Have A Daily Routine

When you are not in a day-to-day employment it is hard to stay focused and positive. Therefore make sure that you set a daily routine for yourself. It is recommended to get up quite early as if you were going to work, maybe just to get some fresh air before you think about what you need to accomplish that day. A good and healthy start can make all the difference when it comes to trying to focus on something that you are trying to achieve.

Set Yourself Goals

Make sure to have a to-do list for each day or week and write it down. This will give you a degree to which you can structure your time and stick to. It is important to ensure that these goals are feasible for the amount of time that you have and that you put the tasks in order of importance or difficulty. Start with the most important or time-consuming as this will give you something to celebrate when completed which can be an excellent motivation for the rest of the week.

Set Up A Working Environment

Studies have shown that the place you work in affects your productivity as well as your motivation. Create a study or an office-like environment for yourself where no one will disturb you and which has the basics search for employment, for instance, your laptop and phone. Sometimes it can be a good idea to have a change of scenery, go to a local coffee shop or to the library as this will help you to have a break from home but will still make you work efficiently.

Don’t Be Discouraged By Rejections

Everyone knows that it takes a lot of CVs, cover letters and interviews to actually land a job that suits you. Do not be discouraged by unsuccessful applications, instead, try to learn from your mistakes and turn a negative into a positive. It is a good idea to ask for feedback from your interviewer or recruiter and use it to your advantage. The more CVs that you submit, the more interviews you will attend and this will give you a greater chance of success.

Take Time To Play

When you do not have a schedule it is easy to get caught up in the countless applications and get frustrated. Try to give yourself some time to unwind and to relax. This need not be expensive, watching a movie with your friends or going for coffee will do the trick and this will give you some time to prepare mentally for the next batch of work.

Hunting for a job is undoubtedly frustrating. Why not make this time as enjoyable as possible? Joining CIUK will give you the chance to have a qualified career coach who will lead you through the whole process as well as an interactive platform where you can manage all of your applications in one place


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