// How to Stand Out as an International Student

Are you an international student looking for a job in the UK? We know what you're thinking – Yes, it is difficult. We have spoken to over 40,000 international students in the last 7 years.

You have pushed yourself through many days or frustration and rejection.But do you know how to present yourself in the best possible light to employers as an international student? Let’s look at 2 key things you may have missed:

Your Language Skills

A recent CBI survey identified that nearly two-thirds of 300 UK firms preferred staff with foreign-language skills.

“French (50%), German (49%) and Spanish (44%) were identified as the most useful languages. A total of 31% wanted staff who could speak Mandarin and 23% demanded Arabic skills.” 

Make sure that you promote your language skills in your job application. Think about what contributions you can make with your language skills. It’s even better if you can find someone in the industry you are applying for to have a brainstorming session and outline the results in your cover letters, for example: “Smooth the way into new markets or enhance customer experience for existing clients from outside of the UK.”

How You Adapt and How You Perceive

You are unique, especially with your experience in your country of origin, your cultural and educational background. They have formed your outlook on life that is different from others, which allows you to shed new light on issues and offer a different perspective. 

At the same time, you adapt well. Don’t be surprised. By learning a new language, moving to a new country and building up a new social network, you have shown great adaptability. Adaptability and learning skills are greatly valued by graduate employers, so is having a different point of view, especially these days that employers want to keep pace with the ongoing globalisation and technology change. By being an international student, you already have these qualities! So get them sharpened up and promoted to your dream company.

International students are evaluated the same way as home students, but the experiences you have had, if well presented, could attract more attention than others could from the assessors. It is a long and difficult journey, you need to be persistent with a strong heart and more importantly – you need a strategy to show what you have up your sleeve.

The Key is “Communication” spending the time to write and craft competency question answers and cover letters which show a deeper understanding of the company and role as well as your motivation.


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