// How to Get a Tier 2 Visa and Stay in the UK

How to Get a Tier 2 Visa and Stay in the UK

Let me ask you, why did you leave your comfort zone behind and travel a thousand miles to get here? Just like any other international student in the UK, You want to do something life changing.

Brace yourself for the difficulties that lie ahead. Getting a job is not easy and getting a Tier 2 visa is even harder. We know this, but it is not impossible. These chances will go to the few who do everything they can to succeed.

Here are 4 top tips:

1.    Write a Killer CV and Cover Letter

For UK standards, all you need to do is be precise and concise. For your CV, one to two pages is enough. No work experience? Have a personal statement highlighting your skills, learnings and desired career path. Below this, indicate your education details, employment history, extra-curricular activities, volunteer work, achievements and personal interests.

If you are really struggling, why not start off with a free automatically generated CV? Get it done through these websites:






For your cover letter, one page containing 300-500 words is ideal. The first paragraph should explain why you want to join the company. Do some research. Specifically state what motivates you to join the company and back these reasons up with examples, such as projects they have done in the past and successful strategies they have employed. No idea, where to start? Read their annual report or latest media release on their website.

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Second paragraph should talk about why you are interested in the position you are applying for. Exactly what will you be expected to do? Show that you know the role. Third paragraph should explain why you are the most suitable candidate for the job. Go over the job description. Demonstrate your knowledge in the skills they require by providing concrete examples of your related experiences.

Remember to tailor your CV and cover letter to different roles and companies, to suit their needs and not yours!

Get more information on CV and cover letter writing here. You can also email your CV to hr@careerinteractive.org for a free consultation. 

2.    You must apply early

Bags unpacked, get applying. If you are a first or second year, landing an internship is crucial. This will give you valuable work experiences but also make your CV more attractive to future employers. If you are in your final year, apply for graduate schemes as soon as possible. Don’t wait for graduation before doing this. Be assertive and spend your time wisely. Remember the date that applications close is not when you should be applying, there is an ever decreasing number of jobs.

Take note of the top industries employing international students and employing international students and sponsoring Tier 2 visas. They are: Investment Banking, Professional Services, Law and Engineering. Also bear in mind that the four biggest companies that sponsor Tier 2 visas are Deloitte, KPMG, EY and PwC, which you can read more about here.

Get more application tips and tricks here. For the latest updates on internship and graduate programme vacancies in the leading companies, join Career Interactive’s mailing list here.

3.    Build your job hunting skills

To get ahead of the game, know exactly how application processes in the leading companies work. Having the skills needed to give them the answers they want is key.

Most of the application processes in leading companies have online tests on logical reasoning, verbal reasoning, situational judgment and, psychometric and numerical skills. Practice and develop these skills by taking mock tests in our digital platform or in these websites:




Being able to express yourself clearly during interview and Assessment Centre stages is another skill you need to develop. Worried about your English? That’s okay. We understand. Why not try Grammarly for free here. Helping you with 250+ common English writing mistakes and the dreaded Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar.

Preparing for your tests, interviews and assessments is a step-by-step process. You must have the determination to keep on practicing and the ability to identify your mistakes and learn from them. Work hard and be patient in order to get the results you want.  

4.    Make industry connections.

Making connections with like-minded individuals will make it easier for you to get information on the industries you are interested to work in.

Start off by building connections online. To keep up with the latest internships, check Internwise. Graduate Jobs and Milkround specialize in graduate jobs, giving you access to the latest employment opportunities in different industries. Even if you have not graduated yet, it is good to have a LinkedIn account to set-up a professional network. Connect with your classmates, professors and colleagues. It is also a good platform to showcase your experiences, skills and other activities, and allows you to find jobs and be more visible tor recruiters. Meetup enables you to meet up with people with the same hobbies and career endeavours, so you can exchange ideas and insights.

To get noticed by future employers, attending career fairs is a good practice. Before going, make sure to research about the companies that are going to be there. Dress presentably and be articulate in communicating with recruiters. Ask questions about their recent projects and be genuinely interested in the company’s activities. The goal is to make a good impression. Collect as many business cards as you can and then mention the conversation you’ve had in the career fair before emailing a CV or cover letter. Take advantage of this opportunity to put yourself out there.

Invest on your dreams so you can live a life you will be proud of. All the time, effort and preparations will pay off. When you finally get your Tier 2 visa, you will know that everything you’ve done was worth it. Start your journey towards success now.


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