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For every university students, there is a great deal of pressure to get valuable work experience while studying. All students know that their degree is only worthwhile if they can back it up with a reasonable amount of practical experience. However, it can be quite hard to incorporate the job search into your studying but fear not our team has prepared tips that will help you along with the process.

Find Career Services On Campus

Probably the most convenient and fastest way to find a job suitable to your situation is to research your university's Career Services. There ought to be one on campus near you. Most Career Services have many amazing opportunities such as free CV and interview preparation workshops. They also offer an internship hub or at least a website where you can look for jobs. Make sure you sign up for the newsletters so you will not miss out on anything. If you are uncertain about how to apply or even to which scheme to apply for arranging a meeting with a member of the staff, they are there to help you.

Go To Career Fairs

As 2016 commences there are many great career fairs throughout the country and probably on your campus as well. These fairs are excellent opportunities to meet with prospective employers without the pressure of an interview or just to have a browse through of the possibilities. Career Interactive organizes astounding Fairs with companies all around the world. These fairs are completely free, all you need to do is sign up. Our upcoming Careers Fairs include:

  • 3rd February: Glasgow
  • 15th February: Manchester
  • 25th February: Birmingham
  • 2nd March: London

Talk To Your Peers And Teachers

Try to make use out of your existing network and have a chat with your lecturers, seminar leaders and your peers. They might be aware of a variety of internships and can recommend you to apply for one. Similarly, your classmates might have done work experience in the past and you can utilize their examples to know what to apply.


If you think you do not have enough experience to land on the internship of your dreams or have not found anything suitable, volunteering is always a great option available to you. Through volunteering, you can gain valuable skills which you can utilize when looking for a job. We have collected some useful websites for you:


Finding a suitable work experience for you is extremely difficult. Joining CIUK will allow you to widen your horizons and to let your qualified coaches direct your search. Our summer work experience scheme will provide you with a guaranteed summer internship at one of your chosen sector and firm. Do not let the struggle of the search stop you, join CIUK and have your dream made available to you!

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