// How to Find a Student Job in Glasglow

Being a university student can be extremely expensive many need to find jobs while studying to support themselves. However, finding a part-time job which will not affect your studies and has a positive effect on your CV can be difficult. Never fear, CIUK is here to help. Even if you do not live in Glasgow you can apply these ideas to your own university.

1. On-Campus

There is nothing easier than working at the place where you are also studying. Many universities – including the University of Glasgow – have many on-campus facilities which can provide you with easily accessible part time jobs. It is definitely worth enquiring at the library, welcome point or café to see if they are looking for anyone. Furthermore, there might be temporary jobs available for tour guides or campus ambassadors for open days. These positions can not only provide you with payment but also valuable work experience and transferable skills which will look great on your CV.

If you are studying in Glasgow make sure to have a look at these websites and sign up for the newsletter in order to keep track of the current vacancies:

2. Off-Campus

If you wish to have a break from your campus life, why not try working off-campus? Have a look around and enquire in your city for cafes, bars, shops to see if vacancies are available. There are also many opportunities at customer services, call centers or doing interpretive and translation work if you speak more than one language. On the one hand you can try the speculative approach, handing in your CV to places that you are interested in or you can also try and wait while keeping an eye out for advertisements.

Useful links if you are Glasgow-based:

3. Internships

There are many part-time internships which also offer payment as well as experience. They are a great way to earn some money while also gaining valuable skills and contacts and you can add this to your CV. It is recommended to register at your University’s career services. These services are likely to offer interview coaching, CV writing surgeries and help in finding a job. 

You might wish find the following websites helpful:


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