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Many interviewers insert sneaky general knowledge questions into their interview process to test whether you are well-read and interested in the events of the world. While being on a job hunt or whilst studying it can be hard to find time to increase your general knowledge. Thankfully, we have collected the five things you can easily read or watch and will undoubtedly help you when heading to your next interview.

1. The Economist

The Ecomonist is a weekly news magazine, edited and written in the United Kingdom but it has spread around the world. It will provide you with a great basis and overview of economics, politics and thought-provoking editorials about the news of the world. If The Economist is not your cup of tea, The Guardian or The Spectator can also offer a great insight.

2. The London Review Of Books

If you are well-updated on current affairs, it is time to look into intellectual conversations as well. The London Review of Books  - similarly to The Dublin or New York one – is  a fortnightly journal of literary and intellectual essays. Even if essays do not interest you, it is a worthwhile read for its high-quality writing and exceptional prose.

3. Very Short Introductions

If you are wishing to have a thorough insight into a particular field, Oxford University Press’ Very Short Introductions are the best choice. Each book is about 150 pages and is designed to introduce the reader to any academic topic from Accounting and Advertising to World War II in a comprehensive but simple way. The books are fairly cheap – around 8 pounds – and also provide you with a list of further reading. 

4. BBC Breaking News On Twitter

There are many great Twitter accounts which are worth following but probably the most useful in this case is @BBCBreaking which offers you short tweets about the breaking news from all around the globe. These tweets also include a link to the BBC’s website where you can read the whole story if you wish.

5. TED Talks

TED talks are a great way to get to know and get an insight into many interesting ideas and opinions. TED is a non-profit organisation devoted to spreading ideas about a great range of subjects in more than 100 languages. The most popular TED talks of all times are for example, ‘Do schools kill creativity?’, ‘Your body language shapes who you are’ and ‘How great leaders inspire action’. These powerful talks are not longer than 18 minutes thus can provide the perfect intellectual lunch break.

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