// How to Deal with Revision Stress

Revision and exam period can be extremely stressful for students. Even though a healthy amount of stress can enhance your productivity, it is true to say that exams can make stress levels get out of control which can hinder students from showing the best of their abilities. Here are a few ideas which can enable you to improve your effectiveness and reduce stress levels.

Know when and where you work the best

Everybody has different daily routines and personalities which results in varied times of productivity. Whether you are an early bird or a night owl, it is important to get to know your own biological clock and how your body works and reacts to studying. Choosing the right time and place to study is indispensable to productivity. Allow yourself some time to figure out when and where you can work best and make sure to stick to your routine.

Have breaks

Researchers and scientist suggest that one can only concentrate properly for about an hour and that the longer we try to focus on one single thing, the less our brains are likely to deal with it efficiently. Thus, it is indispensable to recognize when you are stressing out or not being productive and take a short break, even if that only entails going for a five-minute walk or getting a cup of coffee. Taking breaks enables you to stay refreshed and energized. Similarly, when you feel like you cannot concentrate on the subject anymore, it is recommended to move over to something completely different and maybe prepare for a different exam for a while.

Avoid comparisons and ‘post-mortems’

It is important to recognize that everybody has different revision style and ways of coping with exams and answering questions. Even though having chats with your classmates about stress levels and discussing ideas can be helpful, it is also advisable to avoid comparing your level of knowledge and the status of your revision to your peers. Find the revision method that works for you and try to stick to it. Similarly, analysing and comparing your answers with your classmates is not the best idea after the exam. You cannot go back and change your answers, therefore, knowing what the others have written causes unnecessary worries.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

During the revision period it is easy to forget to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Sitting all day at your desk surrounded by sugary snacks and coffee might help you at the time but it is not something that you can keep up in the long run. Make sure to provide your brain with the fuel it needs for studying. This entails eating a lot of vegetable, fruit, limiting caffeine and sugar intake, drinking enough water and having breakfast before the exam. Moreover, physical activity helps to reduce the tension in your mind and body, releases natural positive chemicals in the brain and helps to get a good-night sleep.

Keep it in perspective

Finally, keep in mind that there is more to life and your career than exams. Remembering that your performance in your exams is not the only thing that will define your future is very important during this tense period. Employers will be equally interested in other factors, for example your attitude, experience, work-rate, enthusiasm or the ability to work in a team.

With the help of these simple tricks, you can significantly reduce your stress levels during revision time. More importantly, do not lose hope, keep calm and carry on!


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