// Golden Rules for Completing Internships

Landing the internship of your dreams is only the start of building up your future career and skills. Making sure you get the most of your time as an intern and impressing your employer are absolutely crucial for a good letter of recommendation and for your own professional development. To help you with the process, we have collected the four things to which you should pay attention. 

1) Improve your Attitude! 

Always keep in mind that there is the reason why you have chosen to apply for this internship and why they have chosen you for the post. Employers expect new colleagues to add something to the workplace and to influence others positively. Make sure that your attitude and the way in which you communicate with your employees reflect your enthusiasm and interest in the field. Even if you are asked to make the tenth cup of tea that day or the work is monotonous, do not forget that being an intern is a privileged position and you are there to learn. Dressing appropriately and being polite are great ways to show respect and to emphasize that you take your job seriously. Employers tend to appreciate and notice positive attitude towards work and are more lenient to keep you on or to provide a great recommendation.  

2) Be Flexible!  

Having an internship is the best route to learn more about your chosen field and to try every aspect of it. As an intern take on more tasks that you are asked to do so and make sure you never decline any jobs that are offered to you. People who can be flexible are of the utmost value to any  


organization. Those who are confident in their ability to learn and are willing to take on unknown tasks make the most of their internships and acquire skills which can be useful later on. 

3) Be Proactive and Ask Questions 

Being proactive during your internship is indispensable for success. Use every opportunity to prove your work ethic and ability to take initiative. Volunteering to do jobs that nobody wants to do – for example photocopying – shows your willingness and determination. Also, make sure you are utilizing the experience and opinion of your coworkers employers. Asking for feedback and questions about the company and getting to know the people around you will enhance your understanding and help you to grow professionally. 

4) Be Realistic  

Lowering your expectations before the start of your internship is recommended in order to avoid later disappointment. You may be asked to do tasks that are not exactly glamorous or that has nothing to do with the field in which you are interested. Keep an open mind about everything you are asked to do and make sure you enjoy the journey. 

Having an internship is an absolute privilege and a great way to learn more about your industry and to acquire useful skills. So make sure you get the most out of it by being the best intern the company has ever had! If you are unsure about how to behave at the workplace or you have not found the internship of your dreams, start using the Career Coaching Services today! 


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