// Why You Should Get to Know About Graduate Schemes As an International Student

Finding a job in the UK as an international student has never been an easy task. One of the main reasons is the work experience. You might have related experience in the position that you are applying for in your home country but most of the international students have no local work experienceOther reasons are that international students need to get a Tier 2 Visa to be able to work here, which is usually not provided by SMEs.  

What if we told you there is a way to secure a full-time Tier 2 sponsor position even though you have not had any relevant work experience before?

Ever heard of the graduate scheme?

Graduate Scheme

Souce: https://www.pwc.co.uk/careers/student-careers/undergraduate-graduate-careers/our-programmes/graduate-opportunities.htmlIt is an entry-level position that acts as a training program at the same time, which is exclusive to those who are planning to work at the company immediately after graduation. Here is a list of 4 great benefits of Graduate Schemes for international students:

1. They accept graduates!
If you used to be disheartened by the clause ‘minimum experience requirement: 1 year or more’ in many job posts, the good news is graduate schemes are specially designed for graduates and they do not need to you have prior work experience. Indeed, many programmes only require you to have a 2:1 at least for your Bachelor’s Degree, as well as good soft skills such as communication, teamwork or problem-solving skills. You do not even have to come from a relevant background, giving you a great flexibility when choosing your future career!

2. Structured training
Graduate scheme training programmes typically last for around 2-3 years and you will have the opportunity to work in real projects and also rotate amongst different departments within the organisation. Most of Graduate Schemes offer you support on your professional development and fund your studies towards a professional qualification. Other benefits can be having a People Manager, being paired with a senior mentor, being trained for the technical skills that you will require in order to succeed.

3. Tier 2 Visa
You will get sponsored a Tier 2 Visa if you secure a place at the Graduate Scheme for most of the industries, such as Professional Services, Investment Banking, Engineering, Law and Technology to name a few.

4. Guaranteed long term career prospects
After you have finished a 2 or 3 year Graduate Scheme, you will become qualified in your chosen field with a professional qualification. You will soon progress to senior roles such as Associate or Manager with higher salary. In addition, having a big recognisable name-brand on your CV can help your career in the future, for example when you wish to move companies.

Where should I look now?

  • Professional Services: PwC, EY, Deloitte, KPMG, BDO, Grant Thornton
  • Investment Banking: JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, BlackRock, USB, HSBC, Lloyds and more

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