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With a series of career fairs coming our way, it is the time we talked about how to behave when attending these events. Do not worry if you have never been to one before, following these easy steps will help you to be more confident and professional.

1.     Do Your Research And Plan Your Day

The secret of having a productive yet enjoyable day at the job fair is to plan ahead. Look up the schedule for the day and the list companies’ attending. Make sure that you make a list of questions for these companies that you wish to speak to in advance. It is important that they are relevant, so completing some research in advance is absolutely essential. This way you can avoid wandering around aimlessly and will come across as determined and professional.

2.     Dress The Part, Play The Part 

Putting on your best attire might seem a bit odd when going to a fair but keep in mind that by visiting the stalls you are having a sequence of informal interviews. Make sure to you look as professional as you would on your first day at work or as if you were going to a job interview. Similarly, do not forget that the moment you enter the career fair you step into a professional atmosphere. This means you must conduct yourself in the most professional way possible through using the right language and acting politely both with the representatives and your peers.

3.     Respect other peoples time 

As you are advised to act as professionally as possible, it is vital that we draw your attention to timekeeping and respect. While you are talking to the recruiter it is easy to get carried away and ask too many about every aspect of the firm. However, know your boundaries and sense when it is time to let the representative chat to someone else. Keep in mind that they are there for the whole day so do not overwhelm them with your questions.

4.     Follow-up

Just as you would do after a job interview, if any of the companies have made an impression on you, make sure to send them a thank you email and contact them about current opportunities. In the email, you may wish to add what you talked about with the representative to stand out from the pack.

CIUK organizes career fairs in various locations. Sign up for the free tickets here. Our upcoming fairs include 625th February Birmingham and 2nd March London. We hope to see you there!


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