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'Build Your Own' career coaching programme is now officially live! 

We are glad to announce that 'Build your Own' Career Coaching Programme is officially live!

You can now pick your most needed services to help you with your Tier 2 job hunting process, ranging from CV review, Application Form Review, to Interview and Assessment Centre. All of our services will be tailored to your unique situation.

How to 'Build Your Own' career coaching programme

Step 1: Register at https://platform.careerinteractive.org/

Step 2: On the left hand column, click 'Coaching Programmes'

Step 3: Click 'Create your own programme' on the top bar.

Step 4: Answer the 'Build Your Own' Programme Questionnaire to help you create a career coaching programme. Using this data, we will provide you with our recommendations on the services that are right for you. 

Step 5: Once completed, click 'Submit' and you will be presented with a bespoke programme, which you will then be able to customise even further to meet your individual needs! 

How convenient is that! Thanks to our cutting-edge technology and bespoke platform, you can now pick the services that you need most to help you maximise your chance of getting a job in the UK.

To know more about our programme, please click the link below, register to our platform and you will be able to view the programme. 


Hurry up, come and talk to us so we can help you!


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