// Body Language Tips For a Job Interview

If you are successful and been invited for an interview for an internship or full-time role, you will need to give a good impression from the very first point of contact.

Your body language during this meeting is very important so you must get it right. This will give you to give you the best possible chance of landing the vacancy.

Body language can give signs of how you are feeling at the time and give indications of who you are as a person.

It is natural to be slightly nervous but you do not need to show it. There are some mistakes that you could make that you will need to avoid. If you perform certain actions they will harm your chances and you could end up being rejected for the position.

We will go through a few do’s and don't’s in this article to guide you through this process.

Firstly you will be greeted by the interviewer and this will be your first chance to make a good impression. Say hello and offer your hand to shake, it is also important to smile and make eye contact. This will help you to come across as confident, friendly and professional.

You may be faced with more than one interviewer and it would be wise to have eye contact with everyone in the room. This will be done in stages especially when you are being spoken to.

When having eye contact with the person you are speaking to try not to stare at them. You can look away briefly when answering a question as this would be natural.

Be interested in the conversation, listen to what is being said and pay attention. You can nod in agreement and smile when appropriate.

The tone in which you speak will need to be at a reasonable level which is neither too soft or too loud. You want to be clear and confident, not timid or over bearing.

The way you sit in your chair can help, sit up straight and do not slouch as this will make you look lazy and uninterested. Also do not lean forward as this can come across as aggressive and could make others in the room feel uncomfortable.

Fidgeting with your hands and scratching is not appropriate and touching your face continually will give the impression of being bored or agitated.

Keep your legs still and avoid jigging them up and down and also avoid tapping your foot. This will come across as being very nervous and uncomfortable in their company.

Hand gestures like pointing or folding your arms is another thing that you should not do. You can place your hands on your lap or your arms resting each side of the chair.

If you remember these short tips then you will giving yourself the best possible chance of success with the interview and give a very good impression of yourself.

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