// The Art of Finding a Graduate Job in London

Some say that London is the cultural and economic capital of the world. In a city so big and diverse it should be easy to find a job. However, as there are more and more graduates wishing to make it in the big city, the competition is getting harder. Do not worry, we have prepared the five things that will help you when it comes to finding a graduate job in London.

1. Useful Websites

You are probably overwhelmed by the great amount of job-hunting websites that are out there so we have collected the most useful ones to those living in London. You can also create a profile so they will give you alerts whenever there is a job that would be suitable to your abilities.

·         http://www.londonjobs.co.uk/jobs/graduate

On this website you can look for jobs through various filters: your area of expertise and location within London. You can also upload your CV to the website so that recruiters can find you.

·          http://www.graduate-jobs.com/uk/london

This is not a London-specific website, however, it does have a great regional guide to working in London as well as job postings.

2. Keep Track Of Your Expenses

While looking for a job and living in one the most expensive cities in a work, it is easy to lose track of money. Make sure you measure up your savings and how many weeks you can live on them. Furthermore, make a plan for your expenses and try to minimalize them while still in the job hunt with the prioritising of essentials. If finding a graduate job takes longer than anticipated than it might be a good idea to get a part-time job so you can keep yourself afloat. However, make sure that you still have time to concentrate on finding a job in your field without getting disillusioned.

3. Know Your Rights

Nowadays unpaid internships are becoming a troubling issue as they start to replace paid jobs. There is no legal definition of what being an intern means but according to the minimum wage law, anybody who is qualified as a worker and aged over 21 must be paid the minimum wage unless the employer in question is a charity organization. If a qualified intern is working set hours and is contributing work that is valuable to the employer than they must be paid at least the minimum wage.

4. Find A Career Coach

Finding a graduate job can be incredibly stressful and overwhelming for fresh graduates. Thus, we recommend to join a coaching program which can help you oversee the process. Career Interactive has a great interactive platform on which you can keep in contact with your coach as well as having a space where you can oversee your applications.


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