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We know that there is not many information for you to find by typing PSW Visa on the UK Government’s website therefore we are going to answer the questions that you might have as an international student in the UK by comparing those who are currently studying and those who are planning on studying here.

Currently Studying

For those whose Tier 4 Student Visa will be expired before the PSW is introduced (summer 2021) you CANNOT be benefited from this route.

Based on this, may us quickly clarify the difference between “announced” and “introduced”. This new Graduate Immigration Route as we now all called PSW is
announced in September 2019 while is expected to be introduced (put into practice) in summer 2021. Therefore, you could not benefit from it as long as your visa will be expired before summer 2021.

Not Eligible

Enrolled your Master in 2019 Autumn and your visa will be expired before the summer of 2021.
Enrolled any bachelor above UK university degree but your visa was/will be expired before the summer of 2021.
(Summer means June, July and August, so we would like to kindly remind students whose visa expires before June that you are not within the PSW Eligible group).

We know you might be frustrated but there are still chances, send your CV to info@careerinteractive.org to book a free 1v1 consultation with our senior career consultant today. We’d like to offer help by giving tailored advice according to your own circumstances.


Enrolled your Master in 2020 Autumn and your visa will be expired in 2022 Spring.
Enrolled your Master in 2019 Autumn and your visa will be expired in 2022 Spring.
Enrolled your Bachelor in 2018 Autumn and your visa will be expired in 2022 Spring.

NOTE: However, for those who are currently doing their master's degree outside of the UK, due to the pandemic, all international students must be aware of the RULE that you must enter the UK before the 6th of April 2021 to finish your last term IN THE UK to be eligible to apply for the PSW Graduate routeAlso, you should keep reading to know more about PSW.

Planning on studying in the UK

If you are currently applying for the Undergraduate or Master course of 2021 in the UK, you WILL be benefit from this route. Though there are a few things you should keep in mind about PSW.

First, it is non-extendable.
Second, it will not be calculated into settlement.

If you feel like to discuss more about your personal situation, send your CV to info@careerinteractive.org with the subject title of “Stay in the UK.” to book a free 1v1 consultation with us.

In other words, if you are planning on a settlement in the UK, you must get an offer from a listed Tier 2 sponsor as soon as you start working or at least after your PSW finished.

Also, you might consider finding an experienced hire job within the 2 year of your PSW instead of applying for a graduate scheme. However, to be fair, it would be more difficult to secure a position in top companies by applying entry-level job directly than from a graduate scheme route while you are under tier 4 visa or PSW visa.

Here are the 3 reasons why we recommend applying to graduate scheme instead of an entry-level job:

  1. Graduates Friendly
    Graduate schemes are specifically designed for graduates, those who have relatively less experience and flexibility in their career. If you decided to go for entry-level job in the market right away, there’s a very high possibility that you will face the “no experience-no job” struggle.

  2. Structure Training
    Most of Graduate Schemes offer you support on your professional development and fund your studies towards a professional qualification. Other benefits can be having a People Manager, being paired with a senior mentor, being trained for the technical skills that you will require in order to succeed. On the other hand, entry-level job is more of a “I pay for your expertise” situation, which means even if you did get hired for a tier 2 job, they will fire you if you fail to reach their expectation.

  3. Less competitive
    Graduate schemes are generally opened a year before the scheme started and some of them even have the limitation of the graduation year (e.g. Less than 12 months), which means not a lot of people are qualified for the role. For that, it will be less competitive than applying for an entry-level job in terms of the number of applicants.

    Nevertheless, you are competing with the best among the students and you might want to have some extra support and guidance.

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