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The end of November usually marks the submission times for job, internship and work experience applications. As you are possibly applying for more than one role, it is easy to get lost in the process. Thankfully, we are here to help with the few things you should pay attention to while filling out the application form.

Complete Extensive Research:

There is nothing more disheartening to a recruiter than reading a cover letter that could easily be submitted to any company within your chosen field. Make sure you do throughout research about the organisation and express why you are interested in the position. It would also be wise to have detailed knowledge about the job role and what it comprises of.

Think About Deadlines:

Filling out your application form way before the deadline will enable you to do it accurately and without time pressure. This will give you enough time to proof read the document before submitting.

Do Think About Accuracy:

It is extremely important that the information you provide in your cover letter, CV and application form match up. Try to refrain from not filling out parts in the form just because you mention those things in your CV. Treat the form as a separate entity and provide all the information they need. Furthermore, however tempting it might be, you must never lie on your application form. Employers will be able to tell if someone is bending the truth in an interview and will not hire someone they cannot trust.

Don’t Add Unnecessary Information

There is always a reason for the amount and depth of questions that are on the application form. Recruiters do not want to see an extensive list of your work experience if they only asked for the past 5 years. Similarly, only attach the files they have asked for. Including a picture of yourself or sending them all of your certificates without request will hinder your chances on getting the job. If you make your employers’ life easier with a clear application form they are more likely to invite you in for an interview.

Ask for a Second Opinion:

The easiest way to ensure the success of your application is to consult with a career coach that has submitted many successful applications or has experience in the recruiting process.

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