// Salary Comparison Between Working in the UK and selected APAC Countries

Why did you choose to become an international student in the UK? We know that one of the major reasons that led you to make that decision is your desire to seize the countless career opportunities that abound here. After all, getting a graduate job is easy, as long as you have a UK degree. That’s what all UK universities make you believe.

While it is true that there are more than 29,000 companies that sponsor Tier 2 Visas, only 2% of international students are able to secure a top graduate job and working visa.

This is the reality:

  • The average time it takes for 40% of graduates to get a job is 6 months. 

  • For top sponsoring industries like Professional Services and Investment Banking, 
the average graduate salary is £ 29,000. 

  • The most common employers that hire and sponsor international students 
include the Big 4 Professional Services firms, namely PwC, KPMG, EY and Deloitte. For Financial Services, Morgan Stanley and RBS give the most employment opportunities. 

The following are the most common graduate positions that accommodate Non-EU applicants: Auditor, Tax Accountant, Equity Researcher, Risk Analyst and Operations Analyst. 

Finding a job in the UK is challenging. Firstly, the harsh immigration climate puts international students at a disadvantage. Secondly, committing job hunting mistakes like applying too late, applying for jobs 
that don’t sponsor and limiting applications to a certain industry heavily reduces chances of employment. 
But if you are ambitious, driven and hard-working, investing on a UK degree and spending energy
to look for a job in the UK is 
worth it. The benefits of working in the UK are unprecedented. 

Salary Comparisons Between the UK and Chosen APAC Countries

These comparative salary tables demonstrate how working in the top UK companies paves the way to a higher standard of living, in contrast to working in the same company in the Asia Pacific region. All data sourced from Glassdoor (www.glassdoor.co.uk).

Auditor: PwC

Tax Accountant: Deloitte

Equity Researcher: J.P. Morgan

Risk Analyst: Barclays

Operations Analyst: RBS

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