// The 8 Secrets of Success

“What Really Leads To Success?”

Asked a young girl sitting next to Richard St. John on the plane. A question that stumped her as it would have done many of us. St. John wasn’t sure what to say or how to inspire his young fellow passenger on success.

 However, this girl inspired him to embark on a much longer journey than one flight – a ten-year research on success, carrying out over 500 face-to-face interviews with many of the world’s most successful people, including Bill Gates, Martha Stewart, Richard Branson, the Google founders and Rupert Murdoch amongst many others.  He then wrote the bestselling book The 8 Traits Successful People Have in Common: 8 To Be Great.

St. John found out that there are eight traits all these successful people have in common, without reference to their personalities, family and educational backgrounds. He realized that there is no shortcut to success, but focusing on these eight traits will definitely improve your chances.

Passion and Work

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Love what you do. Positive thinking is the first step towards any achievement. A positive thought provides inspiration and purpose. Do not let negative thoughts limit what you can achieve and never forget that passion is contagious – the greater the passion you show, the more help you will receive.

In St. John’s interview with Rupert Murdoch, when asked about his golden rule of success, he said: 

It’s All Hard Work. Nothing Comes Easily, But I Have A Lot Of Fun.” 

 Yes, the American business magnate said “fun”. Having fun in what you do makes you push the envelope and go that extra mile.

Expertise And Focus 

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“To Be Successful, Put Your Nose Down In Something And Get Damn Good At It.”

says Alex Garden, co-founder of Relic Entertainment and former Microsoft Game Studios executive. Find your passion, stay with it and keep getting better. 

“Focus Yourself On One Thing.” 

says celebrated Canadian filmmaker Norman Jewison. 

Resilience And Service

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There will be physical and mental obstacles in your pursuit of success. Self-doubts, mistakes and disappointments are part of the journey. So find your own way to push through these obstacles, be it a healthy habit or someone who supports you. Success will be about the people you serve rather than your personal goals, whether at work or at home.   

Ideas And Persistence  

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“I Had An Idea.” 

says Bill Gates.

The conception an idea may be a long process, but they are all simple things: be curious, observe well, listen and make connections. More than often, ideas will not be reinforced with action, or good ideas turn out to be bad, but persist.

“Persistence Is The Number One Reason For Our Success.” 

 says Joe Kraus, founder of Excite, JotSpot, and DigitalConsumer.org.

It took St. John ten years to search for the answer to the teenage girl’s question and paint the full picture of what success looks like. During the ten years of hardworking and exploration, he himself has become a well-known, successful person. It doesn’t take long to figure out why (seven minutes) – he has fulfilled all the traits listed above by discovering them. 


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