// 8 Questions That You May Wish to Ask in a Job Interview

When you are preparing for a face to face interview you will naturally be thinking of what questions that you may be asked and gathering possible answers together.
It is equally important to make some inquiries of you’re own. When brainstorming, try to think of some things that you wish to ask the interview panel at the end. Preparing three to five of these should be enough.

By doing this it could help you to gain some more knowledge about the company and its working environment which will give you an idea of if it suits you.

You may not need to ask all of them as some of the subjects may have been discussed in the interview beforehand.

Of course there are hundreds of things that you could inquire about but here we give you some ideas of what you may want to discuss.
Here are some suggested questions for you bullet to get your mind thinking.

1. What would make the ideal candidate for the job? This way you will know what it will take to succeed in the role.

2. Do you educate and invest in employees by sending them on training courses?

3. How can I impress the company in the first stages of my career and what challenges will I be facing?

4. What targets will be given to me?

5. What are the best parts of working for the company and what do you enjoy most?

6. What the culture of the company is like. You may get an idea that it is a relaxed environment or very demanding.

7. You may wish to ask who had the position before and why is the position available? 

You may gain a little more knowledge of the role by doing this. The previous employee may have been moved to a higher position, this will tell you that there is a chance of a promotion in the future.

8. What are the next steps? 

It is most likely that you will have to wait quite a while to find out if you have been successful but it is worth asking this. You may get a date that you will be informed by. 

Remember, by asking questions it shows that you are keen, interested and have come prepared.

Start preparing for your interview as early as possible to give yourself the very best chance of success. Having confidence in yourself and your answers will enable your audience to have confidence in you. 


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