// 4 Tips to Change from Student to Employee

Like CIUK’s offer holders, you may be reading this basked in the glow of success. Those excruciating days of searching and waiting have come to an end, and your studies are finally over. This could be the best time of your life ­– a degree earned, a job secured and a never-ending holiday – which must inevitably come to an end.

You are about to enter the world of work; the most important transition of life – from student to employee. Showing up late or giving a wrong answer could mean much more than poor grades. So keep these tips in mind for a smooth transition.

1. Be on Time

The idea of being punctual could be an art form at university. We have all been there. You know which classes you can skip or slink into 20 minutes late and nothing will happen, and which classes you have to skip breakfast just to be on time. However, work is non-negotiable. We cannot stress enough: Be. On. Time.

2. No More All-nighters
Remember late night drinking, 2AM Red Bull rushes and 4PM wakeups to Countdown on TV? Not any more. Get into the 9-5 rhythm by getting into a routine before you start the job, ideally a week or two in advance. Not only does it prevent you from swallowing a hundred yawns at work, but it will increase your productivity. 

According to research carried out by Professor Christoph Randler at Heidelberg, Germany’s University of Education, people who wake up between 05:00 and 06:00 — are more proactive than their late night colleagues; they are better at anticipating problems and many get better jobs!

3. Find a Mentor
Everyone in the company has something you can learn from, from your CEO to the receptionist. So talk to them, have lunch with them (food is a safe subject, ask them about good places for lunch), and ask questions to build relationships and get to know more about the culture of the company. Then, find a mentor. He or she will be able to explain the difficulties you may encounter in the job and provide sage professional advice. A mentor definitely helps you grow

4. Be Nice

One of the biggest differences between an office and a classroom is the people. People in an office can be highly diverse in age, social backgrounds, nationalities and perspectives. It can be challenging for you to work out how to get along with them.

Many reports suggest that the number one thing many recent grads say they are unprepared for is the emphasis placed on teamwork skills at work. So bear this in mind, try change your language, say less “I” and more “We”, watch and listen and see how you can help the team in any way.

Finally, although it seems that everything in your world is changing, you can still keep your interests alive. It’ll help you adjust, meet new people and balance between work and social life. Yes, work and social life – after all the celebrations, you will have both soon. So get ready and enjoy!


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