// 3 Ways to Use Social Media Sites to Maximise Your Employability

Have you ever wondered how social media can enhance your employability? In 2014, 43 percent of employers utilised social media to research job applicants. Now it has become increasingly common for employees to research candidates on social media. As a result of this, social media plays a major role in maximising job applicant’s employability.


1. Create a LinkedIn profile

So what is Linkedin? LinkedIn is a professional networking and social media website. By using LinkedIn, candidates can connect with employers and companies with ease. This can also be used as a tool to improve commercial awareness and demonstrate their interest in potential employers by following companies or organisations. A LinkedIn profile essentially acts like an online CV for people to view, which allows employers from all around the world to observe an individual’s past work experience and relevant education.

Here are some tips when it comes to setting up a LinkedIn profile:

·         Upload a professional picture - Since people tend to remember faces, this can make candidates more memorable to employers.

·         Emphasize on the skills developed- When explaining about ‘Work Experience’, mention the responsibilities and highlight the skills gained from it. This is particularly important for candidates that do not have the relevant experience in the field. In this instance, it is crucial to showcase their transferable skills which can be useful for the role.

·         Get recommendations – There is a section on the website where connections can provide recommendations for candidates. If they did particularly well in a subject or role, they can ask for recommendations. This can demonstrate more credibility in their skills and ability.  


2.  Monitoring job applicant’s social media presence

As much as social media can benefit your future career, it can also harm your future prospects. According to CareerBuilder, 51 percent of employers decided not to hire job candidates after finding certain content on candidate’s social media sites. Job candidates need to stay vigilant about the content that they post and never upload anything that could have a negative effect. Content can take a variety of different forms such as photos, videos, tags and even general posts on their dashboard. It is crucial to always monitor your posts that you have been tagged in and limiting the number of people who can post on your social pages.

Job candidates can also try log off their social media accounts and use Google to search for themselves. By doing this, they can observe what other people can see on their pages. In addition, they can turn on the privacy setting to ensure that only their ‘friends’ can have access to their recent posts, pictures, and videos.


3. Enhance commercial awareness

Large organisations usually set up social media accounts like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn. This provides candidates with a chance to follow them and learn about their recent updates and news. Some companies even set up blogs which can provide candidates with an insight into the company’s working culture and the application process.

These blogs are usually written by employees from the company itself and they tend to focus on their experiences while working in a specific role.

Here are some companies’ blogs:

PwC People blog

Deliotte UK blogs

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