// 3 Industries Urgently Seeking International Students

Correct Positioning Is Crucial For International Students As They Bear The Weight Of Strict Changes Made By The UK Government. Find Out The 3 Industries In Desperate Need Of Foreign Talent.

Whether you are looking for a job or deciding what to study as an international student, it is important to know your market. The UK has long been a top destination for foreign talent, but stricter immigration control has frustrated many graduates. However there are industries who are crying out for international talent, as domestic need cannot sustain their growth. Having the right skills will make your job hunting experience much easier.

1. Accounting And Finance

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The Big 4 Professional Services companies:





Have increasingly turned towards students from any background to fill in critical shortages within this industry. In 2015 these companies along will employ almost 5,000 graduates in the UK.

Accounting can give you an excellent idea of how a business operates and also may lead to promising careers in finance and consulting as well as a globally recognised qualification like the ACA.

In 2015 alone, job vacancies for accountancy related roles have risen 11%. Not to mention the jobs these companies also offer in Tax, Consulting and Deals.

2. Engineering

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A 2015 Report by Engineering UK shows that’s by 2022, the UK will need to employ over 2.5M engineers, which is a rate of 257,000 new vacancies per year.

In short the UK needs over 1 million new engineers in the next 5 years and is nowhere near achieving this. Crucially there is also a severe shortage of woman in engineering, with only 10% of those studying engineering being female.

In response to the growing shortages have meant several large engineering companies have doubled or tripled their graduate intakes including:


Balfour Beatty



Not to mention some of the largest Civil projects in a generation currently under way including Crossrail and HS2.

3. Information Technology

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From your phone to your computer, IT runs through and supports everything we do at home and in business. However research released by the E-Skills Group shows that UK businesses need 120,000 new IT graduates everywhere, but only produce around 16,000.

A gap of 100,000 IT Skilled graduates per year is hampering the UK’s Silicon Valley in London, as well as new industries such as Cyber Security ( recently moved to the Shortage Occupation List by UKVI)

In terms of skills, the most in demand software skills is Java which is the common language used in back end developing and Python.

Both skills are highly sought after not just in IT but also in the banking and finance industry which is becoming increasingly IT driven.

Banks such as Goldman Sachs and Bank of America Merril Lynch now have 1 in 3 staff working in some form of technology role.

In Conclusion Your Chances Of Finding A Graduate Job May Be Reduced By Being An International Student, But If You Can Learn The Skills That UK Employers Needs You Will Greatly Increase Your Chances Of Success. Combined With Mentoring And CoachingProvided By A UK Leading Firm Such As Career Interactive To Learn The Application Process Is A Winning Formula For Success.


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