In the era of internet many people consider career fairs irrelevant and unnecessary as all the companies are available online. However, when looking for a job and seeking opportunities it is absolutely crucial to take advantage of the amount of possibilities career fairs can offer. So here are our three reasons why you should attend career fairs.

1. Networking

Career fairs are an excellent way for networking as there are many companies looking for the best employees and are also filled with ambitious young professionals like yourself. Therefore, it is crucial to be approachable, friendly and polite. These fairs give you a chance to build your network, to make connections with potential employers, mentors and peers. Research the companies, prepare questions in advance to make sure you get the most out of the free resources they provide. Asking questions like ‘What would the ideal candidate be for your company?’ can help you immensely when applying for a job in the future. Furthermore, make sure you follow up with the contacts you have made, sending resumes or connecting peers.

2. Practicing interviews and getting feedback

Submitting resumes and attending interviews are one of the most stressful part of the job search process. Thankfully, at career fairs you can practice as many interviews, submit as many CVs as you wish in the course of a day. You will get multiple chances to practice the way in which you should talk to employers and how to go around answering and asking questions. Some companies even offer real interviews on the spot so there is a possibility for you to leave with a confirmed job offer. However, even if that does not happen for you, the experience and feedback you receive will help you greatly in the future.

3. Getting used to the professional world

Even if you are not in a job hunt, career fairs can help you to improve your professionalism, to become more confident and comfortable with talking to potential employers. They will help you experience the professional world so you will know what to expect when looking for a job or an internship. Make sure to dress and act as if you were going to an actual interview to get the most out of your experience.

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